We have explored places, taken in their various sights and sounds, absorbed every aroma and taste of the place and now have decided to bring to you the essence of these regions to share the legacy of these regions with you.

There are four distinct fragrances that we offer in this collection. All of these have been composed keeping in mind the region, the character of the region that they depict.

Having traveled to regions globally, our perfumers chose to take inspiration from four regions, distinctive in their own personalities to create fragrances that bring you the core of these four lovely places.

It is as we at KAORI call it,
“Bottling up the memory of that place and getting that place to you”
Packaged in our Signature Slender flute bottles and Signature Gold Logo Boxes, the Travel collection is available in a packaging of 100ML and comes accompanied with a short story about its inspiration.

Our current regions of Inspiration for the Travel collection are

Miami in Florida, United States
Bali, Indonesia
The Cotswold, Great Britain
Marrakech, Morocco