About Us



Because we believe in crafting the experience for you and are not just aimed at making a commercial sale to you.

We do not aim to be just another brand offering a standard package. We want you to have the freedom to craft it as you like it.

We want you to Feel Special. We want you to savor the experience of crafting the fragrance package, making your own choice and indulging yourself.

Of course, the KAORI team will be there at every stage with you, guiding you, assisting you in whatever area you need us, but the final product will be your own creation. It will be your selection, your thoughts and your hand-created message that will be executed and sent across to make the receiver feel appreciated and valued and that is what counts.

For us, the customer is the center of focus and making them meet their vision is what is important to us and not just selling them a product.

Our fragrances are all crafted in-house by our experienced perfumers with international exposure.

Our bottling options are sourced from the finest quality glass manufacturers globally thus making sure that our customer has the best quality product to choose from.

We also take great care to provide our client with extremely personal touches in their hand crafted notes that they wish to send to the ones they value.

Finally, our packaging options – painstakingly crafted for us by our trusted designers with perfection make sure the client has only a classy and elegant offering at hand.

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