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Social Responsibility

KAORI has its heart in many humanitarian causes but strongly believes that no human should have to face hunger.

To support this humanitarian cause, KAORI pledges to put in Five percent of its profit earnings to feed those who have no proper access to food.

By purchasing a KAORI product, the client indirectly plays a role in providing food to those in need and thus, being a humanitarian savior.

In its way of working, KAORI sources the best quality of Natural ingredients for its fragrances, some from the best manufacturers globally and in India.

By sourcing the ingredients that are indigenous to India, we indirectly support manufacturing in India along with providing farmers and growers more opportunities to sell.

Our parent firm “Silver Oak Innovations” has been conducting massive research on advanced farming techniques wherein saving of water, negligible usage of chemical pesticides is being explored. Biotechnology and its application in farming is a core area being worked on by the company and the core focus has been “Aromatic crops” that yield essential oils for use in perfumery.

Sourcing ingredients that are not available in India, KAORI looks overseas from some of the best natural ingredient producers in the world and ensures that the items sourced are all of the standard quality that has sustainable origins that do not exploit nature in any way.

Social Responsibility

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