About Us

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

KAORI is a Bespoke Concept that works to provide a unique fragrance experience to the recipient along with an extremely personal touch.

KAORI was born out of the need to provide fragrance lovers an opportunity to create their own Bespoke fragrance package and have a say in almost every aspect of creating their own hand-crafted fragrance offering – right from the selection of the Fragrance to the bottle for the packaging.

For us at KAORI, it is about providing our clients the experience of selecting an hand-crafted fragrance, choosing a glass bottle from the range of exclusively deigned bottles by expert designers at KAORI and finally wrapping the experience with a Personally crafted note that conveys everything you want to say via the fragrance. 

It is all about the memories that KAORI helps you make and we find joy in knowing that someone was made to feel valued with the help of our offering.

After all, life is always about these special moments that make you feel valued.

We shy away from being overtly commercial for we believe in the power of going Bespoke.

We love giving special touches and this is what we endorse as KAORI.

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